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Let me guide you in your personal journey through motherhood, from enhancing the chances of living a positive natural delivery, to bonding with your baby through easier breastfeeding and learn about baby massage, to finally find the best parenting style you feel right for you. Yours is such an important role, you deserve the best support!

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Janet Balaskas Active birth workshops - Accredited by Fedant and RCM

Ideal for a first delivery, but also during a second pregnancy after a negative experience at first birth

We do not know, nor can we fully control how a pregnancy and its delivery will go. What we can do is enhancing the chances of a natural positive birth by finding out what physically happens during the delivery without fear and knowing all the tips to tune into our body and work with the labor, instead of against it as we often do in modern society.

I attended this workshop myself before the birth of my second baby after a traumatic experience first time around and it gave me a miraculous experience!

Format: 4 weekly evening classes 7.30-9pm / Saturday and Sunday workshops 10am-5pm - Complementary to an NCT course

Location: South London

Languages available: English / French / Italian

Lynn Murphy's Postnatal support

Ideal if you are struggling with breastfeeding, bonding, pelvic floor, your new life organisation or for any other concern you have after the arrival of your bundle of joy

You may have wanted to be a mother since you can remember being a child, yet now you have become one you might feel disappointed the connection with your baby does not seem to happen that naturally or you are confused as to why breastfeeding your new born has not settled in well since the beginning. Do not doubt yourself: we have all gone through those thoughts at first. You may just need a bit of reassurance and some practical tips, having already forgotten how much you have given of yourself even just by giving birth!

I like to talk about the hard times I went through, and not just the happy moments of motherhood, because most of the times with the right support they form us even more than the easy experiences.

Format: 45 minutes 1to1 home visits

Location: South London

Languages available: English / French / Italian

Peter Walker's Baby massage courses - Accredited by Fedant

Ideal to bond and feel closer to your baby despite the hard beginnings with sleep deprivation and baby blues

Did you know that new borns at first may not even be aware they have toes?! They also don't have inner chat, all their emotions are processed more physically than adults. Discover how to master the gentle touch only a mother can give to her baby, boosting emotional and physical benefits for your little one such as better sleep and less tummy ache, whilst being more present in the moment and falling in love with your bundle of joy, naturally preventing baby blues at the same time.

I attended this course myself with my baby girl, to give us the best start in our mother and daughter relationship, knowing I had a difficult one at times with my own mother.

Format: 4 weekly morning classes 10.30am-12pm (can also be organized informally at someone's house among a group of friends)

Location: South London

Languages available: English / French / Italian

Coming soon - Raising Boys Workshops

Ideal if you have at least one son or brothers to raise, to improve communication and better understand their world

We are females raising little human being of the opposite gender. It is quite obvious by now that women and men do not communicate and perceive the world in the same way. Give your boys the better start by learning communication and discipline tools tailored on the way male brain functions, to help them develop healthy emotional intelligence and confidence in life.

Raising boys is the first parenting workshop I attended when my son was 2 and a half years old. It gave me such a great insight of all the things to look out for and most of the tips I still bear in mind nowadays for both my children.

Format: 4 weekly mornings course 10am-11.30am / afternoons course 1pm-2.30pm

Location: South London

Languages available: English / French / Italian

Coming soon - Hand in Hand Parenting Programe

Ideal if you want to introduce a discipline approach that takes your child's feelings into account as well

With modern research findings widely spread, we all know nowadays that the times of strict punitive parenting are over: they damage our children's brain and emotional intelligence, without mentioning this approach generally does not get us anywhere productively. But how shall we guide our little ones through their frustrations, tantrums, emotional meltdowns then? And how do we survive their storms of feelings ourselves? Come and discover the most comprehensive parenting guide from gentle discipline techniques, to improved connection skills with our little ones, to parental support network

After many parenting courses and books I attended and read myself, I finally found the one who gave me all the answers I needed under all aspects of parenting life to perform little daily miracles!

Format: 4 weekly afternoons course 12.30-2.30pm / Subsequently parents group support drop in sessions 12.30-2.30pm

Location: South London

Languages available: English / French / Italian

"Children learn to smile from their parents"



If you need answers to doubts you may have since your mothering journey started or you simply want to find out more how you can empower your everyday parenting life, please do get in touch

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