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Who I Am

First and foremost I am a mother myself of two little cheeky monkeys I love to bits. I experienced myself the hard times after a difficult delivery and the pride and joy after an amazing one. I learned how physical touch was paramount in bonding with my babies. I found out how tough it is to make the right choices around discipline acknowledging your little ones' feelings at the same time.

So I decided to train in all the fields that helped me feel more confident in what I was doing, looking after myself as well as being a loving good model for my children. I will be able to give you as many tools and tips there are for you to be able to make your mothering choices smoothlier, peacefully and more consciously.

In my spare time I meditate, play the piano and I care for political issues such as refugees crises and the environment. I really enjoy reading children books with my little ones! I love traveling with our family all around Europe during school holidays. I am a school governor at Maytree Nursery School and Children's Centre. I am also a part time senior clinical receptionist at Pure Sports Medecine where I have been working since September 2009.


About My Vision

Changing the world a mother and baby relationship at a time

When I was a child I had two dreams.

I strongly desired to care for children of my own since I was around 10 years old.

And I also passionately dreamed of a fairer human society since I was even younger.

When I grew older I inevitably got into my life’s routine whilst it was unfolding in front of my eyes. In my twenties I quickly started to feel powerless over the directions our worldwide politics were taking with more wars, starvation and pollution.

Then I became a mother in my thirties, the thing I had wanted the most in my whole adult life as it seemed more achievable than hoping for global peace. However to my surprise, despite the great enthusiasm and the strong maternal instinct I always had, I quickly found my new role to be the most difficult one I could have ever imagined.

From a difficult first delivery with a third degree tear; to the strong need for physical and emotional bond with my baby to fill the void of missing that bonding myself as a newborn; to constant doubts on how to comprise together good parental discipline and acceptance of my child’s feelings and needs... Those were a whole lot of new struggles, often making me feel awfully guilty for not being able to be true to myself or my children or my husband, leaving every member of our family misunderstood.

It’s only later that I realized that my two dreams were deeply rooted together. Because nations are made of regions, and regions start from cities, cities are made of neighborhoods which start from families, by changing the households dynamics there was also a good chance to change relationships among human beings on a larger scale.

In his book 'The Gift of Anger And Other Lessons from My Grandfather Mahatma Gandhi' even Arun Gandhi, Indian-American socio-political activist, the fifth grandson of Mohandas Ganghi and now President of the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, states: "It is not exaggeration to say that from the anger or the love we show to our children depends the fate of millions of people"

The carrier of the baby is the most important person in everyone life, our closest and very first relationship with another person, from which we also model how we treat ourselves.

You enhance the potential of the mother to be happier in her motherhood, you have a content, independent and competent child who will grow into a more responsible, compassionate adult who in turn can change the world in which we currently live into a better place.

Welcome to Empowering Life: empower the mother, empower the child, empower tomorrow's generation.

(Change the world as we know it a little at the time).


Empowering Life - By Catherine Occhipinti

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