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Children books to give a hand to the grown-ups too

Ideal to get the support you need around a specific topic whilst reading a fun book about it to your child

There are so many emotions kids constantly go through during their childhood: fear, excitement, sadness, joy, impatience, anger, loneliness, shyness, frustration, embarrassment... Even as grown-ups we often struggle to point the finger and name how we feel precisely when we are overwhelmed and over reacting.

Let's get that emotional intelligence on good track from the beginning, with a good story for children to understand even from a young age how they really feel and why, so to master their way they will deal with those emotions in their adult life.

In my own experience, whatever I don’t know is always written somewhere in a good book

The power of a family holiday (Travel guide)

Ideal to plan budget and itinerary for your family holidays in Europe

Spending time with your child is the best way to enhance their self-esteem as it means they feel worth of your time: don’t forget you are the most important people in their lives. 'The power of a family holiday' Europe travel book aims to be a guide to fun, within budget, respectful itineraries in Europe.

The information provided will be based on holidays that worked out well for us as a family of four and has gifted us with ever lasting memories.

Couple support

Ideal when the tension in the couple rises too often and too easily due to emotional overload that the demanding role of parents can bring at times

Sometimes we get trapped in our day to day boring and tiring family routine. This usually brings us stress and easy irritation. By observing how our kids grow, we may also feel triggered by our own unresolved childhood issues. But let’s not forget where our plans together started from: the magic of the first years without the children, the early projects, the reasons that brought us here today as a couple. It is very important to remember this journey starts from you two first of all, a neglected couple that does not function cannot look after a family at the best of their abilities despite their good intentions.

My husband and I found it really helpful to get that extra support when the game got harder in some moments of our path together.


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