Developmental baby massage teacher

With Peter Walker, February 2018

Active birth workshop teacher

With Janet Balaskas, May 2018

New Baby & Me Nurture Training

With Lynn Murphy, January 2019


“Lovely calm and informative session. A really special way of focusing on your baby and a great bonding activity to do together - Thank you!”

Jenni, midwife, mum of Otto 2.5 years old and Arwen 5 weeks, March 2018

“Lovely relaxed teaching style. Catherine is a very good teacher!”

Alex, recruitment manager, mum of Isabel 3.5 years and Leo 7 months, April 2018

“I had a great time with Catherine during our baby massage class. She came very prepared with a doll to demo the class and she took into account my objectives to build the agenda for the class beforehand. I got in touch with Catherine because I was looking for ways to bond with baby beyond breastfeeding. She showed me a series of moves/positions to help me with this which I can do everyday to strengthen my bond with baby. She also showed me great ways to help baby with tummy time and some massages to help with digestion. At the end of the class, Catherine sent me a recap of everything we had worked on together so that I could refer to it at home at the beginning. Overall it was a great experience: Catherine is both highly professional and very friendly. She knows how to adapt to the baby’s mood during the class so that it will always be a great experience.”

Charlotte, marketing manager, mum of Noah, 8 weeks old, May 2018

Ashley: "Thank you so much Catherine! You were fantastic! I found the birth preparation session super helpful and has given me the peace of mind that William is also now understanding how he can best support me!"

William: "Catherine was great, she really helped me understand what actually happens in labor and how I can help support my wife through each stage".

Ashley, finance manager, and William, performance coach, July 2018

"We found the environment and the delivery of the baby massage course very relaxed with a friendly instructor, yet we learnt another new great way to bond with our babies"

Kim, physiotherapist, mum of Angus, 12 weeks old - Hannah, school teacher, mum of Alfie 12 weeks old - Holly, mum of Arlo, 12 weeks old - October 2018

"I found Catherine's presentation very helpful as it generally empowered me during my second labor to ask for what I wanted from the medical staff, compared to my first delivery. I was also able to remain in active birth positions even after an epidural as I had learned about the optimal oxygen supply to my baby versus simply lying on my back. Finally I remembered the discussion we had about waiting to cut my baby's humbilical chord and all the benefits implied."

Frankie, beauty shop manager, mum of Harrison, 7 years old, November 2018

"We had a wonderful time: at present she does some fabulous tummy time! We have some good chats whilst I am massaging her now"

Rebekah, mum of Alice, 3 months old, January 2019


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